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Avon Dam

Client: Kinhill/Concrete Construct
Capabilities: Pipelines
Region: Wollongong (New South Wales)
Completed: May 1996

Installation of a 1.75m diameter underwater pipeline as part of the Illawarra - Woronora Water Filtration Plant Upgrade. The pipeline is 1.8km long and is supported on piled sup-ports constructed on the bottom of Avon Dam, 10m to 20m below water. An alternative design for the headstocks and piled supports proposed by Waterway Constructions simpli-fied construction and provided significant savings.

The works included:

  • The installation of 200 piles which were screwed up to 5m into the rock lake bed. They were installed to close tolerances and cut off up to 20m below the dam surface. A series of tests on the piles and completed pipe proved their capacity.
  • The construction of headstocks which incorporate adjustable concrete saddles to sup-port the pipe.
  • Transporting and laying 38 sections of pipe string each 50m long and weighing 40t. The pipes were lowered onto the headstocks using a custom built pipe laying barge and fixed into position within a tolerance of 30mm of design position.
  • Construction of a piled bridge extending some 50m into the dam for use by vehicle, cranes and maintenance traffic.
Avon Dam
Avon Dam

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