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Port Kembla Berth 105E

Client: Port Kembla Port Corp
Capabilities: Construction, Piling
Region: Wollongong (New South Wales)
Completed: October 2008

The construction of Port Kembla Berth 105 East represents the final link in the planned relocation of the car storage from White Bay in Sydney.  The project involves the construction of an extension to the existing Berth 105 terminal to accommodate the ramps of quarter ramp vessels and provide moorings for quarter ramp vessels and for bulk carriers on the adjacent Berth 104.

The final structure incorporates an existing mooring dolphin and comprises the following main elements:

  • 33 no. driven 800 dia steel tubular piles, incorporating both vertical piles and raker piles;
  • an insitu reinforced concrete deck comprising 1.6x1.0m deep beams and a 450mm thick slab.  Total concrete volume in the order of 800 cubic metres;
  • light duty and heavy duty pavements and associated stormwater;
  • impressed current cathodic protection system;
  • supporting electrical and hydraulic systems and services;
  • wharf furniture, including 100 tonne bollards, HDPE fenders and heavy duty traffic barriers.
Port Kembla Berth 105E

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