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Hamilton Island Boardwalk

Client: Hamilton Island Enterprises
Capabilities: Construction, Piling
Region: Whitsunday Coast (Queensland)
Completed: July 2008

The project involved the design and construction of a curved boardwalk for the new Hamilton Island Yacht Club. The boardwalk consists of 42 no. 355mm diameter steel piles supporting 470m2 of timber decking. To achieve the 25-year design life, HDPE tubes were used to protect the steel piles from corrosion and H6 treated timber was utilised for the boardwalk timbers.

The most challenging aspect of the project was the installation of the steel piles, which were located in the tidal zone. To efficiently install piles in the tidal zone which could experience tidal variations of up to 4m, a combination of land based and barge mounted piling rigs were used.

Hamilton Island Boardwalk

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