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Gellibrand Pier, Williamstown

Client: Port of Melbourne Corp
Capabilities: Construction, Piling
Region: Melbourne (Victoria)
Completed: December 2007

The Gellibrand Pier upgrade project required a combination of remedial and upgrade works. The berth is one of the busiest oil berths in Melbourne and all the works had to be carried out in between Mobil Ship visits.

The works included:

  • Removal of redundant timber piles and the driving of new steel tube piles
  • Remedial work to the existing under wharf concrete beams which included hydro blasting the beam surfaces, installation of starter bars and additional steel reinforcement around the beams and pouring concrete to increase the capacity of the beam
  • Installation of carbon fibre elements for deck strengthening
  • Crack injection to repair existing concrete beams
  • Pile repair using concrete bags and marine wraps
Gellibrand Pier, Williamstown

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