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Environment Policy Statement

Waterway Constructions Senior Management Team is committed to demonstrating leadership with respect to the environmental management system and taking accountability for the effectiveness of the system. The Senior Management Team will also support other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership as it applies to their area of responsibility.

Senior Management will also ensure the integration of the environmental management system into the organisations business processes and promote the use of a process approach and risk- based thinking.

Waterway Constructions strives for environmental excellence in all our activities and our objectives are to:

  • Achieve at least 80% recycling of waste material across the company.
  • No environmental breaches.
  • Maintain an Environmental Management System to ISO14001.
  • Ensure sustainability through the effective and efficient use of resources

Waterway Constructions is committed to the:

  • Protection of the environment including prevention of pollution.
  • Minimise pollution from our works by developing work methods that reduce the risk of environmental damage.
  • Continuously improve our Environmental Management System to enhance environmental performance.
  • Develop environmental objectives and targets and review performance against these objectives and targets on a 6 monthly basis.
  • Communicate our Environmental Policy to all employees and subcontractors.
  • Contribute to energy/resource saving by offering eco-conscious products and work methods to our clients where possible.
  • Reclaim used materials where appropriate and recycle them where possible.
  • Maintain awareness of environmental-related legislation and regulations and to fulfil our compliance obligations.
  • Train our employees and subcontractors on environmental awareness.
  • Strive to be a leader in Environmental Management for maritime construction.